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Essay # 3 - May I Cum Mistress?

The slut has been training for months now. Finally I have gotten him to months of not cumming. Grueling stroking like Sisyphus rolling the rock to the summit only to be denied, rolling the rock again and again and again only to be denied. Like a trained creature that he is, he calls back over and over again. How did he come to be this way. Through rote memorization. Repetition, understanding his place in the Femdom scheme of things and also in the beginning, what was expected of him. He began to understand that control had changed his life, and he became at peace with his training. The porno dropped off, he became a more attentive lover to his wife, she had satisfaction first, and he too the back seat. I ruled his orgasms all of the time. I gave him time to cum with his wife too, sometimes I made him fake orgasms because I said so.

Things progressed as always they do, he was ordered to buy a cock lock for business trips so he could stay chaste for his wife and me. When he went on the trips, he was ordered to call immediately from the hotel room for lock down. The trips were from 3 days to 6 days. This gave me total control over all of his orgasms. He was ordered to be available on web cam during the evening. I wanted to make sure he was chaste and not whoring around on his wife and me. He became the good boy.

During the week he was ordered to call once for a session, and then once before he left. On the last call, he is ordered out of the cock lock so I may examine my dick and have my dick stroked. I would decide on the spur of the moment if my dick should cum. Since I knew he would be enjoying his wife when he got back, it was usually a no.

I told him to call me when he has settled back. This is when the games begin. I interrogate him on his conjugal efforts. He has begun to tell the truth which gains him points. The dice rolling games begin. This can mean many things, a roll can mean he will cum at the end of the numbered edges, it can mean he will cum or not cum, it can mean the days it will take of denial, it can mean alot of things. It will depend on my mood during the call.

It has been a week since he came. He has been good the whole trip. I deny cumming. Why? Simply because I say so. He has spent his whole life fixated on his cock. For once in his life he begins to understand that his cock no longer belongs to him. His cock is ordered back into his pants.

The next call follows in the next week. Mistress may I cum? No you may not simply because I dont feel like it today, but, I dont see why we cannot seek the guidance of an online Mistress who has random recordings....go ahead.

The countdown, then, the final decisison. Denied! Oh well, better luck next time! 

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