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Essay # 2 - Orgasm Denial? Perhaps 

Weeks later the phone rings and it is he...the chronic masturbator. I expected to hear how undisciplined, out of control, and sorry he was, and how repentant he was for ending the call so abruptly . Nothing like that was addressed. What was addressed was the stroke man needed further training, that his addiction was as always. He was stroking more than ever and needed to be controlled more than ever.

I tell him to again get out his jerk off kit except he needs to get a q-tip and some clothespins for the session. He will need items from the last session, condoms and lube. He will need a cord to tie up my cock and balls. I want to teach him a lesson he will never forget.

Since he has no control over my cock, he must stroke my cock to rigid, and then tie under the back of the balls to the front of the base of my cock with a shoestring or a cord. He ties a nice little bow, but very tightly as I direct. Now it's time for the show to begin.

I begin to call him slut which he accepts. He knows he is a cockstroking slut without control and he knows I am his Mistress. He has begun to call me Mistress finally, with an easy cadence. It is now natural and accepted. I decide the slut needs a bit of pain for an attitude adjustment. As the cord grows tight, two clothespins are placed on each ball. A condom is placed over a q-tip and lubricated and the q tip is directed inside of the cock hole, just for a bit, just to adjust the attitude, to make the slut more submissive and worthy of training. Much to the slut's delight, none of it is painful but quite pleasurable. It takes his mind off of orgasming without permission. This session is much like the same except the slut is now the slut and more pain is deposed. He finds that this pain keeps his mind focused and the orgasm obsession is not as important as the last time.

I ask again at the beginning of the call if the slut wants to cum. I also remind the slut that his behavior was rude and perhaps it will be my call. He agrees that I should be the keeper of the orgasm now. I now have him in my web of tease and denial.

More well behaved, the slut flows through the call to the very end. At the very end I decide to extent the call for a little while longer. I'm still not satisfied with his performance. He is being teased with intense visuals, more lube, more stroking, and no pain. He has become more docile and submissive to me. Finally the moment of reckoning, will he cum??? Orgasm denied, maybe next time. You may think you have learned the lesson but you have a long way to go! I deny you, and now for the next phase. You get to do research for me, assignments if you like it or not...now how humiliating!

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