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Essay # 1 - The Art of Tease and Torment: the First Call 

A chronic masturbator is like any other addict. The obsession controls all areas of his life. His work and relationship begin to suffer while he becomes more and more porn addicted. He just jerks off way too much. Eventually the boredom sets in and he continues to search for more and more new porn. His wife begins to notice sexual neglect. He spends more and more time on the computer at work often "working late". He searches the internet for masturbation management and finds listings of Masturbatrix sites. This leads to a new curiosity and he dives in with both feet. At first he thinks a Masturbatrix jerks off with him in a mutual masturbation fantasy. How wrong he was. He imagines a Masturbatrix displaying herself on web cam naked and masturbating to his liking. How wrong he was. Finally he imagines his cock is his cock and it ends there after the call. How wrong he was.

Researching the sites, he begins to realize that this form of training falls under Femdom control. This is intriguing as he always had submissive tendencies that have not surfaced until now. Now he dives in with three feet and two balls. He dials the number and pulls out his credit card. His dick is already out in expectation.

My strict and sensual voice on the end makes his dick hard and ready to play. He anticipates a massive orgasm as I inquire if he would like to cum at the end of the call. This is his first call and he affirms he would need to cum. It is decided then, but he will not cum until the last minute. He has purchased one hour of call time and wonders if it's at all possible. My voice ensures him he will be a better boy through training. The call proceeds after much negotiation, let the cockstroking begin.

I inquire what is in his jerk off kit. He has the rudimentary lube and condoms. His dick is big and thick. He has the magnums. Impressive! He must learn that I direct and own the cock and so far he is bad at it. Why? Because he has a very difficult time calling me Mistress. Maam is easier for him. Not acceptable. I sense this and insist on Mistress. Sometimes I have them call me Maam , but not this time. He has to be broken. I decide a fantasy should not be woven otherwise he will cum too quickly. He needs stark clinical verbal guidance...just stroking , no fantasy. Thirty minutes into the call he has almost gone over the threshold several times, but I stop him by carefully listening to his breath. My cock bobs for several minutes until I prompt him with another technique again. Barberpolling, wringing out the towel, doornobbing, fingers in ass, all of that. He's back and has his next wind. He is determined to please me . He's finally called me Mistress. Now I know he is close to being the broken stallion. I listen to the breath again and bring him to the next edge informing him that he may not cum yet. He still must please my expectations for 20 more minutes. Suddenly the disconnected phone. He has failed me and did not man up to say so. Should he decide to call again, he will be infractioned and disciplined. Hanging up in a Mistresses ear is punishable by denial. 

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